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Welcome to Almighty Training Studio Site. Owner, Landis Owens. I have recently opened up my own personal training studio. I have been a fitness expert for 10 years. I am ISSA certified and APEX certified. I have been working out on my own since I was 15 years old. I have competed in nine N.P.C body building shows and accomplishing and transforming my body to different weight levels. I saw myself successful in learning how to eat nutritionally clean. I will help you learn how to incorporate exercises and nutrition as life style and learn how to apply fitness to your everyday lifestyle to keep you actively for life. I can help transform your current workout routine or body composition to help increase your strength, endurance, flexibility and break plateau. I also can expert in training you or your child for any sport activity. I am the expert trainer that helps you holds and clients accountable to their goals and strive for their results. Their success of seeing desired results. This is achieved by you learning variation program, Bands programs , Free weight program, bodyweight core program, flexibility program that will help you achieve everyday fitness and help you stay active in you lifestyle . Getting your fitness results and staying healthy for life is my vision for each and every client. It is my goal to transform one million people into fitness model. Who live a wellness nutritionally lifestyle and to live a blessed life. I am the fitness expert that will get you the results you want and need.
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