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If you`re looking for a certified experienced personal trainer who cares about your training goals, then I'm the personal trainer for you.
I have helped many of my clients lose weight through proper diet , aerobics, weight training, cardio,and core exercises.
I worked at a gym here in the valley and after that sometime I found it to be frustrating that I had only a 1/2 an hour and sometimes only once a week because of the restrictions that were put on me.
I was also unable to warm up or stretch my clients before workouts and I also was not allowed to do food logs to make sure my clients were eating properly.
Luckily, there are websites that can give you the proper food to eat on a daily basis and most of my clients followed those food plans.
So, along with my clients proper diet and exercise I was able to help them lose weight or gain muscle mass.
I'm telling you all of this because I have gone out on my own to train people because I want to train people properly.
I love to exercise and I like to train people to get the body they`re looking for; I have trained many people and I know that I can give you what you want.
In conclusion, I hope you choose me as your trainer. My name is Mike Hines. Thank you for reading this and other personal trainer ads this shows that you've almost got yourself talked into a healthy life style and it's the best life you can have.I know a year and half ago I was 260 pounds and through exercise and proper diet I'm now 175 pounds.
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