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How it Works

FindMyTrainer uses the Internet to reach out to the thousands of Americans who look for products and services on the Web. We are able to bring clients to trainers that are looking to start training today.

The Find My Trainer process:

  1. Potential client sees your listing or uses one of your tools
    A potential client sees your listing on one of our web properties and places a request for personal training services or uses one of the Personal Trainer tools you have access to through an upgraded package.

    Our Personal Trainer Web Properties
    Personal Trainer
    Female Fitness
    In Home Personal Trainer

  2. Where customers come from
  3. Some of our traffic comes from the search engines, but most of the traffic comes from our syndication partners and other great marketing tools we provide you.
  4. Validate Clients
    Our forms require clients to complete valid and complete information, making sure they're serious, and making sure you get all the correct contact information.

  5. Dispatch Clients
    Our system delivers the clients information to you

  6. Contact Potential Client
    These clients are interested in your services now! Contact client and sell them on yourself.

  7. Train Client
    You manage the entire relationship with the client.

Personal Trainer Marketing

Personal Trainer Testimonial

"I have been a trainer for many years and its never been difficult in working with clients, its been difficult to find them. FindMyTrainer is the link to connect great trainers with amazing clients. The clients I have been connected to have been such a great match for what i offer. It takes so much of the guess work out of the process, they even help in taking care of payment so I don't have to. I have been very pleased with with the FindMyTrainer team."

- Bea S., Los Angeles Personal Trainer

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