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    Build Muscle
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    Injury Rehabilitation
    Weight Loss

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    I have been involved in fitness in some form or another most of my life. As a child I enjoyed karate, soccer and dance, not to mention spending my summers boarding at the beach! I'm a native to Orange County, CA, and enjoy anything that gets me outside and moving, which could be riding my bike on the beach, hiking in the canyons or a number of other activities. I started out in the medical field and witnessed first hand the ill health brought on by our standard American diet and lack of exercise. It was then I decided to redirect my career and take a preventative approach to health. I became a certified personal trainer in 2001 and have been happily training men, women and children ever since. I also have my degree in Holistic Nutrition, am a certified BaGua Flow (internal martial arts) instructor, published author and swim/yoga wear designer. Because of proper diet and exercise, I feel more comfortable in my body now than I did in my youth, and I love helping others achieve that same feeling! I am a firm believer that it takes more than exercise to be fit. I have learned through my own life that the essence of a happy and healthy lifestyle is not only rooted in physical fitness, but diet and mental strengthening as well!!

    I am getting ready to "tour" the country and spread the word about fitness and nutrition. I am also working on ideas for a book! I offer online personalized training, as well as meal planning. I am also available for in-home, office and outdoor training. My current location is Orange County, CA, but will be heading out on the road again mid-July. I will post a schedule of my locations and dates as I get them, so if you'd like to train with me in person or have me host a nutrition seminar at your local gym, please email me!

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